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Our Clients.

At Churchill we are realists.  We have business's and clients who are impeccable in every way, and take advantage of our expertise in the market place, providing fast, attractive and efficient finance from lenders that many people have never heard of.   After all, it’s the lenders who pay us, so why not take advantage of our decades of knowledge and direct relationships with underwriters?  They want to lend to our clients whenever possible!


We also have clients who are looking to improve on sometimes shocking rates they currently have, and are just housekeeping their existing borrowing or raising extra cash, or perhaps renewing a facility which is ending.

We have always welcomed clients with credit problems, arrears and debts which need settling quickly.  Like most modern financiers, we appreciate that problems can hit any entrepreneur at any time.  Punishing clients for the past is the domain of the banks, and is largely due to the absence of skilled underwriting and a computerised approach to decisions.  We use modern and well funded lenders who would rather concentrate on the future and underwrite along with us, on a very personal capacity.


We can also help with structure, and can lend to individuals, companies, LLP partnerships, offshore companies and SPV (special purpose vehicle) companies.  We lend to any legal structure to suit our clients.


We can help with purchases and refinances and take all sorts of situations into account.  We know how to present your application correctly and this too is important.  We take care of everything, from the initial call, through to sending you our thanks when you complete!


We hope to be able to help, and we look forward to working with you.  Please go to our next page which tells you how to talk to us.

A Selection Of Recent Loans

A client in Solihull needed to refinance their buy to let portfolio.  We achieved a 5yr fix at 5.35%pa at 75% loan to value on a loan size of £3.9m. 
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