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Here at Churchill Finance, we offer a wide range of unsecured business loans, Merchant Cash Advances, and secured lending for almost every purpose.  We work only with respected and trusted lenders to deliver on our promises and many of them we have known for decades. 


All our loans are unregulated, which means we can lend on almost any type of loan except properties that you or your immediate family live in – unless there is a specific business purpose for the loan, where we can often make an exception.   Obviously business loans are unsecured in any instance!

A Small Selection From Our Extensive Range Of Products

Unsecured Business Finance & Card Finance

We offer Merchant cash Advances to hundreds of business categories.  Loans which can be from £5,000 - £2,000,000 and are fast, easy to approve, and repaid via your credit card terminals, as a small percentage of your takings, usually over a period of 6 months.  The more you take, the more you pay off, and if you have a bad month, then you pay back less.  It's a complete breath of fresh air.   We also offer competitive unsecured business loans of up to £2,000,000 which again are easy to approve, paid to you with staggering speed, and start at an APR of 14.5% (Q1 - 2024).



Bridging Loans & Buy To Let Finance

With a staggering array of quality lenders we can offer bridging finance and buy to let mortgages on the best terms available, many of which are only available to the broker client base.  We can also work with larger portfolios very comfortably and have several private banks and challenger banks who we work with.

Development Finance

We can help with smaller projects for a refurbishment or an extensive build project.  We work with clients creating beautiful new homes, transforming old buildings into flats, student accommodation, care homes and a comprehensive list of other proposals far too numerous to write down on this website.  In short, there is very little we cannot work with.

Land & Land With Planning

We can lend on land with or without planning, and for planning gain.  We can usually only lend against todays value, not hope value, but this can change with additional security.   We can also lend on farming land, flattened sites, disused sites and a range of others.

Alternative Finance

Sometimes our more discerning clients have a pressing need for a loan that needs to be very fast, discrete and short term, not necessarily secured on property.  We have a small number of reputable licenced lenders who will consider all types of loans against fine art, fine Jewellery, and gold.  We handle the transaction for you, quickly and painlessly.

There Really Is So Much More To Churchill Finance

A Selection Of Recent Loans

A client in Solihull needed to refinance their buy to let portfolio.  We achieved a 5yr fix at 5.35%pa at 75% loan to value on a loan size of £3.9m. 
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