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Our Bridging Proposition

With an exciting and unique blend of in house lending (via Equity Capital Investments Limited) we have a one stop offering to the market place which encapsulates the following.

Equity Capital Investments (ECI)

It takes a complete understanding of the risk, in order to throw away the criteria matrix.  ECI offer the following.

  • Below Market Value Lending

  • First Charge Across The UK

  • Up To A True 75% OMV

  • Rates From 10.9% per annum

  • From 3 Months to 18 Months Duration

  • Residential, Commercial, Development & Land With Planning

  • 100% Funding Potential without Additional Security

  • JV Potential For The Right Transaction

  • Proof Of Funding Available To Clients' Solicitors

  • Bridging Bridges

  • Existing Valuations Considered

  • Client Status Irrelevant So Long As Not Bankrupt

Churchill Private Finance Geared Propositions

Using a panel of selected and committed lending partners,  we gear internal funds (equity) into loans to make them happen when they do not fit standard criteria, thus dropping the LTV risk to the senior funder. The borrower will then pay a blended rate.  We make some very large or interesting loans happen when we apply this.  We really are true entrepreneurs and if we cannot offer the loan through ECI then we will contact a partner, put some skin in the game and see what can be done for the borrower. 

Loans are UK Wide, (selected parts of Scotland and Wales) and selected European areas.  Note in Europe, no builds are considered other than extending or refurbishment.  Europe is strictly residential investment only.

In Summary

There will be many among us who remember when bridging was the art of the deal, with entrepreneurs lending to entrepreneurs.  The skill of making a deal that will make money for all parties.  Lenders who did not rely solely on valuation alone but understood risk, opportunity and reward.

To those who remember this, then welcome back!  To those too young, you have exciting opportunities ahead that you never dreamed possible.  Please contact us on the email below with new enquiries in the strictest of confidence. 

Contact Us

Your first port of call is to call us or email us.  We can get very busy at times so an email is always useful.  We stay clear of application forms.  We want to have a conversation with you and create a relationship. 



51 Marloes Road


London, W8 6LA


Exciting Times

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