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Our Unsecured Business Loans

We provide Discrete Merchant Cash Advances and Unsecured Business Loans to business's in England, Wales & Scotland.  We start at just £4,000 but we specialise in larger loans.

We cover all transactional limits from smaller Merchant Cash Advances to larger Business Loans starting from £4,000 up to £2m.  Nothing is too much trouble or too small for our valued clients, who rely upon us to carefully ensure we offer the best that the market place can provide for them. 


We treat every application and enquiry with the utmost discretion and respect, and confidentiality, is important to us.  The process is simple, and we can usually advise you exactly what your options are at the outset from an informal chat and an email or two.


Speed is often important to our clients.  Our Merchant Cash Advances can complete in as little as 3 days and our popular Unsecured Business Loans can comfortably close within a week, leaving banks and traditional business lenders trailing woefully behind.

Quote From One Client In Jan 2024, " We applied to our bank for £100,000 to refit our factory. We also applied to Churchill after being recommended by one of our suppliers. Churchill had took our application, approved it, processed it and paid the loan into our account before the bank had even come back to us to discuss our application".

All loans can be for any legal purpose and there is no spending audit from any of our lending partners. Loans are made on trust and at face value for the purpose that the borrower has stated.  All loans will be quoted first so that the terms, conditions and costs are clearly shown.  As these are business loans they are not subject to FCA regulation or consumer protection.

A small sample of business's who can apply.

Pubs & Clubs ¨ Private Hotels ¨ Private Retail Shops ¨ Private Restaurants 

Garages ¨ Fish & Chip Shops ¨ Wholesalers ¨ Taxi Companies ¨ New & Used Cars

Most Online Business’s ¨ Accountants ¨ Takeaway Food Outlets ¨ Leisure

Seasonal Business’s ¨ Food Manufacturers ¨ Micro Breweries ¨ Estate Agents

Tax Consultants ¨ Dentists ¨ Factories ¨ Child Nurseries ¨ Hairdressers

Garden Centres ¨ Computer Companies ¨ Cafes ¨ Off Licences & General Stores

Butchers & Fresh Fish Mongers ¨ Private Travel Agents ¨ Private Bookstores

Private Jewellers & Fine Watch Outlets ¨ Farms & Farmers ¨ Business Centres

Engineering Firms & Factories ¨ Private Mobile Phone Outlets 


From £4,000 and up to £2m for larger companies.  Quick and easy to apply, and an answer sometimes within hours.  You need to have bank statements scanned and uploaded or use Open Banking.  This will check that you can afford the repayments which can be from 1 month to 60 months.  A personal guarantee with be needed and funds can be released in as little as 6 hours. 



Imagine a loan which you only pay back as you can afford to?  


A Merchant Cash Advance is a business loan which is made to your business and is repaid from your card terminal at an agreed split.   So your repayment rate may be set at 20p in the pound for example. So for every £1 you take through your card terminal, you pay back 20p to the lender and the remainder goes into your bank in the usual way. 

You can borrow from £4,000 up to £2m depending upon the size of your business and the turnover.  A general rule is that you cannot borrow any more than twice your monthly card revenue.  This is extremely quick and easy to set up, and remember, if you have a bad week, you pay back less.  A good week, you pay back more.  What could be more flexible?  Again, bank statements need to be uploaded and we need a copy of your card receipts.

If you need any help or advice, then please email or call us.  We will be delighted to offer you our help.

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